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We are an authorized dealer of cellular network certified devices and carry every available cellular product, from primary or back-up routers to in-vehicle data access modems, to signal boosters and in-building equipment.

We provide a complete line of installation services that ensure the safe and rapid deployment of your machine to machine technology (M2M), mobile workforce, automated kiosks, digital signage and physical security solutions.

Manley Solutions is a wireless technology and strategic development firm offering consulting services for analysis, design and deployment of IoT solutions.  Manley is doing its part to accelerate the growth of IoT Solutions, especially in the POTs telecommunications, VoIP and Telephone replacement ecosystem.  This means that companies can continue to use legacy equipment and focus on growing their business. 

We recognize that not all wireless networks serve the same purpose. While one solution may be exactly what one company needs, the same solution might not work for another. We believe there's a solution to every problem.

Innovative Solutions in a Wireless World

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