Manley Solutions Wireless Technology Consulting

At Manley, we have M2M Deployments down to a science. As a Cisco Certified Partner, we have been providing our clients with world-class installation for years. Our Installation Technicians not only understand technology, they understand why you need it in your organization.  The Manley Team is extremely experienced with Cisco’s mobility products and manages a structured yet rapid deployment of your equipment to ensure maximum continuity with minimal disruption.

M2M - CISCO Mobility Deployment

Often overlooked in the deployment plan is whether or not a particular location has adequate cellular coverage. We understand how important and critical a successful roll out plan can be to your ROI forecast. 

We'll send an engineer on-site with site survey tools

  • 3G/4G RF testing on the major carriers
    • Measure LTE, AWS, PC and Cellular Frequencies
    • Capture Data Speeds if required
  • Determine if external antennas are needed  
  • Mapping and photos for installation layout

SITE SURVEY - Coverage Check

With thousands of retail stores dedicated to serving the needs of their customers, ensuring a consistent Internet connection at each location is critical.  Even when a primary connection is down, stores must be able to run Point-of-Sale applications to view customer information, sell and activate products and services, process credit card transactions, and retrieve product/service information. If the primary connection fails, connectivity rolls over to a backup Wireless “Cellular” line.  Manley Solutions has designed and implemented hundreds of wireless backup solutions for retail locations and other business veritcals.

Our Capabilities

  • Multi-site Roll-out
  • Installation and Hardware Placement
  • Site Surveys, Relocation and Setup
  • Certified Engineers and Mobility Experts

M2M (Machine-to-Machine) solutions can be complex; knowing which technologies to choose is only part of the challenge. Manley Solutions has extensive experience with the following M2M Solution Providers:

  • Cisco
  • Cradlepoint
  • Digi
  • Feeney Wireless
  • Fortinet
  • Multi-Tech
  • Open Gear
  • Peplink
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Sixnet / Redlion
  • Systech

M2M Installation