Manley Solutions Wireless Technology Consulting



Site Surveys help our team identify structural and environmental values, as well as: 

  • Test 3G/4G RF on the major carriers
  • Measure LTE, AWS, PC and Cellular Frequencies
  • Determine the location for external antennas
  • Annotate the Floor Plan
  • Identify the best cable paths
  • Review building safety code requirements

Our team will evaluate the site survey and aid to select your in-building components accordingly.

  • Repeaters
  • DAS - Distributed Antenna Systems
  • Donor Antennas
  • Coax / Fiber Cabling
  • Splitters, Couplers, Connecters, etc

Indoor cellular coverage is one of the most challenging areas in the cellular industry.  With nearly 60% of today’s mobile calls originating indoors, reliable wireless communication is a must-have productivity tool.  Most new hospitals, high-rise office buildings, hotels and government buildings boast energy-saving features such as heavily insulated walls and windows that reduce energy costs.  Unfortunately, those same energy-saving measures can also make it difficult to receive outside wireless signals. 

At Manley Solutions, we understand a cost effective indoor solution is often times required to bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor coverage.  Our Manley Engineering team can recommended solution for your specific facility while meeting all building compliance, all the while keeping the building as aesthetically appealing as possible.

We ensure reliability, quality and optimum performance. Our in-building solutions are financially feasible, adding in a rapid deployment of reliable inbuilding wireless coverage. Our goal is to ensure that the in-building solutions are hassle-free to our customers during implementation and after. Preventative maintenance inspections are available and encouraged; our team is flexible and fast acting to all our clients' needs.

In-Building Installation