​Manley Solutions proudly offers you the chance to have our team of expert designers and innovators create a custom piece of wireless hardware. This custom option came about because most wireless devices are built with a specific application in mind, and every user application is a unique experience. If your solution has special requirements (features, functionality, specifications or form function), then our design engineers will help you design products and solutions to meet your unique needs.​

​Device Certification involves a set of tests demonstrating that a device operates properly when connected to a wireless network. It is very important that all devices are tested and approved before commercial use on the various wireless carriers due to the rapidly evolving market. There are several issues that can arise from non-approved devices, and many users of such devices find that their systems can stop working from one day to the next. Manley Solutions can help you during this process through our formal relationships with OEM's, Operators and Testing Labs.

Manley Solutions is dedicated to ensuring that Device Certification is well understood and that our customers and partners are able to navigate the required approvals as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Manley Solutions Business Development and Operations teams are ready to consult and provide guidance in achieving device approval.

Manley Solutions Wireless Technology Consulting

Manley Solutions Regulatory Team can help you navigate the numerous regulatory requirements for your product.  Identifying your regulatory requirements and budget, before you go to market can ensure a successful launch.  Having worked with teams that span the globe, we understand the development timeline as well as the regulatory requirements. We work hand in hand with your teams and the test lab to ensure you pass certification the first go.

  • Global Compliance & Regulatory​
  • Carrier Approvals

Device Design & Certification