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Manley does IoT consulting and has a deep knowledge of IoT cellular technologies and solutions design, having pioneered the space since 2005. Countless companies are starting to explore IoT and the many possibilities that are associated with this innovative step in technology.

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Manley Solutions proudly offers you the chance to have our team of expert designers and innovators create a custom piece of wireless hardware.

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Consulting Services

​​​We offer a wide variety of services for developing and deploying your vision. As a leader in mobility solutions, we have significant experience in the realm of wireless network solutions, with emphases in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular technologies. From inception to prototype, project planning to component selection, reengineering, conformance testing and certification, our clients have access to A-team resources at each stage of engagement.  By combining our best practices, methodologies, and tools with our industry know-how, our experienced teams help clients design and deploy technological innovations for better business.  We are committed to focusing on solutions with measurable value and transferring real knowledge to our clients.